EZXPercussion 2.0

Its excellent sounding sample-engine, its phenomenal realistic room sounds
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EZXPercussion 1.0 is a software instrument add-on application for Ezdrummer or Superior drummer program users providing them with an extensive library collection of percussion instrument sounds, samples and midi files, for their studios.

The EZXPercussion 1.0 uses Teentalk Percussive Compression and the recorded sounds in this library add-on of different sizes of instruments, from wood to fiberglass, were played by the well known percussionist Mikel Emsing. The application integrates into the Ezdrummer program extending greatly, users’ libraries of percussion instrument sounds.

The instruments featured in the application include the MEING Afuche, LP Afuche, 12 various MEING shakers with LP Shakers and LP Gold Big Shakers too. There are three Caxixis; the MEING Caxixi, The MEING small Caxixi, and the Custom Caxixi, as well as three types of Maracas. Four collections of Bongos are included too, for the MEING Collection Series, and 6 types of Cowbells of various sizes. Also included are two Cymbals sets for full and thin crashes, Wood an Fibercraft Congas, one Cajon instrument, and Bells, Crickets, Cuiros and Timbales. Finally, there are 9 sound types of Tambourine, 4 of Triangle, 2 Woodblocks and Vibraslaps, and one each of Waterfall, Udo, and Shekere. Users must have Ezdrummer installed for this add-on to work.

Luis Sanchez
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